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    Mass Effect 2

    Mass Effect 2 download page
    for game, manual, wallpapers and avatars.

    Welcome to our download site for the most popular pc game 2010 mass effect 2. On this site you can find mass effect 2 screenshots, character descriptions, videos, wallpapers, avatars, races, classes and of course mass effect 2 download links To direct free download of full version of the game ME 2 go to our download section: Mass Effect 2 download Of course we will post here as much additional game information as possible. Such as manual, game bonuses and facts and so on...

    Mass Effect 2 screenshots ( download possible )

    To give to you the most relevant view of the game we posted few mass effect 2 screenshots on our site. We did so because we belive that screenshots and videos from the game will give the best overview to everybody who doesn't know this famous game. To see them you can go directly here: Mass Effect 2 screenshots but better for you is reading the rest of our main page. Downloading them is not any problem - just right click on it and choose save target as... Small example is here:

    vanquard fighting scene mass effect 2

    Mass Effect 2 video

    Of course in game videos are very popular, so we linked some of them on our page. Once you will see it you will love mass effect 2 pc game and you will want to download it imedietly. We can bet on it. Wanna si it? Go here: Mass Effect 2 video but we recommend stay cool and read further. You do not need massive downloads of videos - you can effectly play it directly in your web browser as same as mass people do.

    Mass Effect 2 avatars ( download possible )

    We also prepared in game avatars for you. Many people like to use their favorite games characters for various reasons. For example in chats, icq, skype and so on. Also poker avatars are popular. You can download it here: Mass Effect 2 avatars and use it as you wish. Any downloaded avatar can has a massive effect for you. Litlle preview is here:

    mass effect samara character

    Mass Effect 2 wallpapers

    As same as screenshots, videos, avatars also the wallpapers are very popular for many pc game players. We prepared some of mass effect 2 wallpapers for you to download. You can find them right here: Mass Effect 2 wallpapers and feel free with using them. Litlle preview is here:

    mass effect 2 - shepard wallpaper   outside effects   mass effect 2 - wallpaper 4

    mass effect 2 thane krios wallpaper 11   samara fighting effect   mass ship wallpaper 21

    Mass Effect 2 races

    We also tried to describe to you mass effect 2 races. Here are just three - Vorcha, Collectors and Biology. Later we will add download link for pdf document describin mass effect 2 races in detail. Additional information you will see on this subpage: Mass Effect 2 races Enjoy the advantage of knowing it.

    Mass Effect 2 classes

    Each game character can have its unique in-game class, such as engineer, adept, sentinel and so on. For more info visit: Mass Effect 2 classes It will be important to know who is who before you start play.

    Mass Effect 2 characters descriptions

    We would like to introduce to you the most interesting mass effect 2 characters. Samara, Grunt, Subject Zero, Talizorah, Miranda Lawson and Thane Krios are the most important in the whole mass effect world at our opinion. Again - later you will be able to find downloads for detail and massive description of all their skills and abilities

    Samara - Mass Effect 2 character No.1

    Samara is a fair Asari, who renounced his childhood and gave up all worldly possessions except weapons and protective suits. Travels the galaxy and fighting against injustice, as she commands her unshakable sense of justice and bring enemies down. Samara is an extremely strong biotic warriors to fulfill its mission to systematically and with determination. Under laws asarian Righteous no problem with mass killing, but does not approve the use of "pointless" violence. In his high-minded and generous behavior hiding guilt for something, what it has done in the past. What is Samara ancient mystery and why it produces such a fanatical commitment?

    Grunt - Mass Effect 2 character No.2

    Grunt is a young, explosive and relentless Krogan, who believes that everything can be solved down with their fists. Krogans essence of his nature is violence and killing, but not impulsive. In terms of its philosophy of "survival of the fittest" Grunt never not run from confrontation and expects the same from the commander Shepard. Like his co-religionists krogans lives only for the glory of battle, but not yet recognized the bitterness of defeat masses. Grunt abounds youthful sense of invulnerability, but his age is quite subtle. The Shepard joined the team because he believes that in his own ranks discharges battle.

    Subject Zero - Mass Effect 2 character No.3

    For each of your victim is wearing a tattoo ink is covered with a ... Subject Zero knows - was a gang member, entered into the cult and had his hair. It is a hugely powerful biotic with a mysterious past. Nothing further is know about her than that, it drives forward the brutality and violence. Her emotional instability is not helping her very popular in the treatment and disposal of mass enemies with her biotic abilities, as if it were waste down. It is dangerous, unstable and extremely violent, which makes it an excellent candidate for a suicide mission, Commander Shepard. Skills and abilities of Subject Zero will Shepard and his team was very useful, provided that it can keep at bay.

    Talizorah - Mass Effect 2 character No.4

    Tali, quarian mechanical, returns. After gethic attack on the Citadel, the Taliban returned to the fleet of migrants and became a member of the crew Neem. Thanks to its renowned technical and constructive capabilities is an important and respected member of quardian massive fleet. Thanks to his deep knowledge could "hack" each mechanized opponent by downloading its sowftware, disable or delete the automatic shields of flying robot. The potential of effective knowledge and technical prowess may prove very useful weapon against both team Shepard Gethos, but also Collectors.

    Miranda Lawson - Mass Effect 2 character No.5

    Miranda was born on Earth and comes from a wealthy family. Despite the chosen education as a woman who is calm, balanced and determined to fulfill their mission at any cost. Has a quick vote and the objectives and tasks of building the man. Miranda also has a powerful biotic abilities and technical skills. Its unique combination of talents allows it to weaken the enemy's shields and expose him as biotic attack. The youth entered the organization Cerberus and is now fully committed to the case. He will do whatever is necessary to Cerberus achieve its objectives.

    Thane Krios - Mass Effect 2 character No.6

    Thane is a dangerous killer drells origin and a monk-warrior. Excels stoic, balanced and highly spiritual nature. It is strongly religious beliefs and their accompanying rituals, and frequent prayer. From Thaneova angle his body weapons in the hands of his employer, killing indiscriminately, however, he loathes. Before providing its services to those who offered the most, but then something happened and it changed due to re-evaluate what your personal philosophy. Already does not allow for money to hire, but choosing a target on the basis of their moral and religious beliefs.Moreover, it can perfectly control any firearm, Thane has exceptional biotic forces through which it can manipulate opponents. If the commander Shepard persuading Thanea to participate in his mission, he stands alongside one of the deadliest killers in the galaxy.

    Some facts about game download

    Sometimes it is posted on the web by wrong names such as masseffect2, masseffect 2 and so on. An official name is Mass Effect 2. Download link for the full game mass effect 2 is posted at the downloads section on our page. Very soon you will also find here as much additional screenshots, videos and game experiences as possible. Come back very often to see our latest updates. Later also game manual. Mass effect 2 manual you can find here: mass effect 2 manual download . Full game crack, keygen and the most popular cheats

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